light w_ stairsXOXOX is a promise. Not a word, but a symbol — a sealed deal. A carry-over from the days of paper letters waiting in the mailbox, of marking with affection all that was or wasn’t said.

XOXOX holds strength in the digital age, more than OMG and LOL and other SMS acronyms. It’s unique, because it can mean multiple things: love and kisses; hugs and kisses; what else? You know what it means, without precisely knowing — you know it is good, a promise made good. 

DearBertFielding Dawson came up with this idea for an imprint in 2000 when we were producing Grace Kull’s book of letters, Dear Bert. “It’s perfect!” he said, in his excited way. “For a book of letters, perfect!” We began using the XOXOX imprint with that book, then continued with other books. It gained some traction. When people asked about the name, we said yeah: Hard to pronounce, but very easy to spell.

XOXOX. We pronounce it “zox-sox.” We know what it means for us at the crux: loving words. Writing them, reading them, mulling them and breathing them. Needing them to live. Our promise to you with this imprint — find your next love — book — author — audience — we’ll be working to connect writers with readers and readers with writers. We’ll match up word lovers, making the literary web bounce just a little higher.


The Sharpe Brothers gave us clink. By way of Cali and Maui, via Fresno. Might have been Isaac who first dropped a clink, meaning, done. Sound punctuation, sharp meaning: a momentary hit of rightness in the immediate world of a happily busy restaurant. Clink. Honoring the Sharpe brothers’ awesome work ethic and great good humor at The Village Inn, in Gambier, Ohio. Thank you, guys, with tremendous respect.

Isaac, David & Levi at the VI

Isaac, David & Levi at the Village Inn

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