Most small presses function through small means.  But that’s not because the idea isn’t big.

At XOXOXpress, we have committed to being thorough and personable, with reasonable, simple goals: We help hungry readers find their next love in a book or an author, and help talented writers find their next audience.

We want to guide writers that have the drive to get their words into the hands of others. Between the two of us at XOXOXpress, we have the shared experiences of being writers, and readers.  Of marketing our writing.  Of working in bookstores and libraries.  Of building websites and helping build up businesses and institutions.  Of watching technology change and take shape and change again.  We’ve observed books being built from start to finish — from first idea, to words on a page, to bound up words into books being sold and browsed on a shelf.  We’ve spoken with countless people who have the spark of the written word feeding their soul and keeping them alive in an increasingly digital and faceless world.

If you like our vision, consider making donations to our cause.  Most of the backlist was funded out of pocket.  Most of what we do comes from personal funds, but we’ve done it because we believe in it.  If you believe in us, we wouldn’t turn away your dime.  You could find yourself like this guy, with one of ours in your hands  :)

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