Des Moines Iowa

Hitchhiking Prompt

The photo (left) was made on a 1974 hitch to Des Moines, Iowa from NYC. This is a nod to get you started on a short run, or a quick word hike — the subject being your personal experiences with hitchhiking. I’m looking for short, sharp, vivid takes — well-writ experiential souvenirs from the thumb’d road.

You may have hitched a lot or a little in your youth — locally, long hauls, some of both. Maybe you did it recently, or regularly, or internationally. I’d like to read your take and (with your permission) give it fair use in an extended piece I’m composing on hitchhiking.

Here are some starters — use at your choosing, or not:

  • What is the longest distance you’ve ever hitched?
  • Your weirdest-ever picker-you-upper?
  • Describe a most-memorable ride.
  • Your best ride ever.
  • Your worst. Be graphic.
  • Have you picked up noteworthy hitchhikers?
  • What’s the worst roadside place you’ve ever had to sleep?

Extra points for haiku.

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