Tiger Lilies by Fielding Dawson


Fielding Dawson replicates the rhythm of memory itself in this resonant memoir of childhood and adolescence in small-town America. Tiger Lilies evokes with haunting clarity the home front during the years of World War II, just before, and just after. Jump-cutting anecdotes and vignettes, his keen recall of the synesthesia of a child’s consciousness is universally familiar: colors and aromas inextricably mixed with thrill, fear, guilt; the small details gathered at child’s eye level; the up-from-under view of the ludicrous behavior of adults. Dawson’s supple musical prose moves… without a false cadence. Tiger Lilies is a worthy companion to Dawson’s other autobiographical books, An Emotional Memoir of Franz Kline and The Black Mountain Book, and is among the very best work from this much-admired Postmodern stylist.


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