At Kenwin I learned to be big inside, to find the edges of myself and laugh at them — Michelle Auerbach, Alice Modern

My Poetry Sweet Tooth

In a 2001 interview with The Smithsonian, Julia Child, whose kitchen was being packed up to be shipped to the museum, said to the curators of what would eventually be her exhibit, “If we could just have the kitchen and the bedroom, that would be all we need.” I know it amounts to heresy in some […]

Des Moines Iowa

Hitchhiking Prompt

The photo (left) was made on a 1974 hitch to Des Moines, Iowa from NYC. This is a nod to get you started on a short run, or a quick word hike — the subject being your personal experiences with hitchhiking. I’m looking for short, sharp, vivid takes — well-writ experiential souvenirs from the thumb’d road. You may have hitched a lot […]