In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. -- Albert Camus

Proofing Jordi

All of the work that goes into building a book comes down to a final pre-press step of proofreading — the last stage of typographic production before a work is set to film or plates and readied for offset printing (or, absent the film or plates, prepared for digital printing). Traditionally, a proofreader would work […]

Ghostwriter: tricks of the trade

Ghostwriter fills in the lines, tricks thoughts to stretch out on a mindweb.  An idea haunts, spooks lurking characters out from corners of the mind. Secrets whispered, spells conjured, words twist into unexpected angles. To carve a niche in the writing world, to treat the reading world, craftiness is key.  This ghostwriter built his entire […]